• Know your driver ed student is safe behind the wheel.

    Knowing your loved one may be entering the roads for the very first time can be a frightening thought. With Law Dogs Driver Education, you can rest assured knowing your student is safe with an off-duty police officer.

  • With so many regulations and requirements, we’ll point you in the right direction.

    Am I old enough to begin driver education? When do I get a permit? With so many questions, let the Law Dogs walk “you” through everything.

  • The professionals who enforce the laws, know the laws best.

    The signs can be confusing. Wouldn’t you like to know the instructor next to you was the same person who enforces the laws of the road? Don’t trust your education to just anyone. Call the Law dogs.

  • Let the Law Dogs show you how it’s done.

    No, you won’t be driving along with a real dog, but the instructors at Law Dog Driver Education will be just like “man’s best friend” throughout the whole process.