Traditional In-Class – $415

30 hours in a classroom, 6 drives, six observations.

Hybrid – $400

8 hours of classroom, 22 hours of on-line, 6 drives, 6 observations.

Complete Online Course – $400

30 hours of online, 6 drives, 6 observations.

Online Only. No Drives – $180

Includes the online course only.

Behind the Wheel Only – $350

Behind the wheel-6hrs drive/6hrs observe.
Hurley Students please call for in car only price.

Failure to Yield Class – $100

If you have been convicted with a failure to yield, you are required to take a two hour Failure to Yield class. Take it from those who know the law best, the police officers and driving instructors at Law Dogs.

Private Lessons (One Hour) – $75

Hone your driving skills with private behind the wheel lessons.
Private lessons consist of one-on-one BTW time with a state certified instructor. Student and/or parent meet with an instructor prior to the lesson to discuss what skills he/she would like to focus on and what will be accomplished or focused on in the private lesson. After the lesson is finished, the instructor will discuss the effectiveness of the lesson, and it will be determined if more lessons are needed or desired.